12th Worldjamboree 1967






12.011 Scouts
105 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1967


Farragut State Park



August 1 - 9





At the banks of the great Pend Oreillelake in Farragut State Park the 12th Worldjamboree took place. It was the 2nd time the Jamboree was held in America. 12.011 Scouts from 105 countries were feasted on adventure hikes and a lot of water spectacle, Indians and a Western rodeo. The theme of this Jamboree was "For Friendship". This camp was called "Canvas City" for the many canvas tents. Security was a very important issue: anyone who wanted go for a swim had to take an exam first and everyone had to wear a lifejacket in the boats. A copy of the trial camp BP held at Brownsea Island, got a lot of admiration. 22 scouts took part in it. The Dutch scouts attracted a great deal of attention for their folding bikes and so did a German scout who had biked the distance of 7000 km. After the rodeo demonstration there was a shared meal for all present scouts, where 4000 kg of meat and fish were prepared on wood fires.


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